Hi! Hi there!

I've been meaning to make a website for the past 8 years or so, and finally have. A lot has changed since I last had a website in the early 2000s! Apparently you're not encouraged to have a visitor counter or a Lord of the Rings banner anymore? Another reason 2020s continue to disappoint.

I'm a performer, filmmaker and occasional writer who cares about inclusivity and likes a fancy green tea more than a working-class swamp goblin probably should. Have a look at my about page for a CV of sorts, my film page for some films I've made, and ping me a message if you wish to lament how the internet was better in the early 2000s, want to collaborate on a project or have photos of your horse / succulent / grandma that you're dying to share. SHOW ME THE PHOTOS

This webbed site is a work-in-progress and I'll hopefully add more stuff on when I have spoons